PS Vita Emulator PC Version 1.4.1 – Official Release

PlayStation Vita is the successor to the PSP or PlayStation Portable, which is developed and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment during 2011-12. It was Sony’s futuristic 8th generation video game console, which was designed to compete against the leading handheld consoles like Nintendo 3DS. Sony did not receive a huge response from the gamers as it was expecting, but still hacking the game console was quite tough. Many people are impressed with the games provided by this handheld video game console and now they are looking for a useful PS Vita Emulator. Some experts had taken their time to understand the firmware and designed a PS Vita Emulator for Android APK, which can work on smartphone platforms and PCs.

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Pokemon Platinum ROM for GBA and NDS

There were many series of Pokemon games in Generation IV. Amongst them, Pokemon Platinum is the 3rd game of the Diamond and Pearl Series. This game was released on 2008, 11th of March. Although some would like to say it was 15th of May when the game officially launched by Nintendo. In Japan, the game was made available in September and in America, it was 22nd of March, 2009. After that the same year Australia, Europe and Korea had the release in a space of few weeks. The location was pretty similar where you start the game. It was the Twinleaf town where you need to start and travel through Sinnoh as you progress in the game.

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