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last day on earth survival cheats

Last Day on Earth Hack Review and Tips

This article will reveal everything you want to know about Last Day on Earth: Zombie Survival. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most amazing games you can play on your Smartphone today. There are many other important things which you may like to know about this game. You would like to know what’s new this game is offering and how better it is than other zombie apocalypse games. All the revealed details will give you a glimpse of what you are going to play and how entertaining this game would be for you. So, continue reading to know what this is all about.

Introducing the game

This game is a hardcore multiplayer survival game. This game takes you to a virtual post-apocalyptic world, where you control a protagonist and help him in survival. You can craft, build bunkers, raid other bunkers, and perform all the necessary actions to survive in the post-apocalyptic environment.

Yes, traveling in the in-game places is quite time-consuming and therefore the game offers you with an energy system. You can use it to improve the travel speed of your protagonist and reduce the traveling time. It is also possible that your protagonist may run out of energy. Now the in-app purchase comes into action, where you can buy more energy to energize your protagonist. Of course, many people will not like the energy system, but it is an integral part of the game. Most of the players agree that it is an amazingly entertaining game, which plays quite smoothly. You can say that it is the first and the best survival game, which takes you through various troubling situations. It offers you with everything the protagonist needs to improve the performance and that’s what makes it so amazing and entertaining.


According to the storyline of the game, the outbreak of an unknown plague virus during 2027 had affected the whole world and wiped out billions of people across the globe. Only a few survived and now they are struggling to live on the planet. The affecting virus is named as deadly plague infection. People, who were infected by that virus, have now become zombies. So, the 80% population of the in-game world has now become zombies and they will try to kill the protagonist whenever they will get a chance.

There are a few survivors, but those are also trying to survive in this deadly world. They will also need food, water, weapons, and all other in-game resources. Those surviving characters can attack you and kill you for their needs, so it will be a mistake if you consider them your friends. Every player in this game is for himself. It is your survival strategy, which will decide how long you can survive. You will have to find object, build shelter, weapons, and other objects to protect your protagonist against all the visible and invisible hazards. It is the world of zombies, where only a few humans left and the only thing you can do now is survive.


You may find it probably one of the easiest games to play on your device. Controlling the movements of the protagonist is pretty simple. You get a D-pad along with some virtual buttons to control his movements and other actions. The given buttons are offered to help you in moving the protagonist around the in-game settings, interact with the objects, and attack the zombies and enemies. You get a complete control to do anything you want and that’s what makes it so entertaining.

Hence, it is about survival, you cannot survive in a post-apocalyptic world without using the right tools and supportive objects. This game also offers many opportunities for acquiring all the necessary things for the survival. First, you need to collect the raw material to make clothes, tools, shelter, and all other in-game items listed given on each blueprint. You cannot prepare anything in this game without investing the creation points. You get more creation points as you level up in the game. You must build the shelter and prepare all other necessary items to gain more experience. You will be extracting materials spread around the in-game universe to obtain the raw materials and create the necessary stuff.

The long trips and moving between the maps

This game asks you to take several long trips. These trips allow you to move between different in-game maps. Of course, there will not be some big levels during the start, but you will have to travel in a limited time period. You will get locations to travel during 10-60 minutes. There is a way of saving the time and that is spending energy points to move from one post to another almost immediately. The good thing about it is that the energy points will take some time to accumulate and therefore you can take some benefits from this system.

Now you might be wondering about what surprises will the game bring during the long trips. It is possible that other players can attack your protagonist during the advanced levels. Yes, there will be regular attacks by zombie crowds on your base and you can prevent your protagonist by hiding him behind the shelter of walls and doors. You can play this game online, but do not expect to encounter some real players. There will be some other hostile survivors. They will run around your shelters and you may try to neutralize them, but the in-game universe will never get populated by the real characters. In addition, those characters know how to defend, so it will be better to leave them alone if you don’t want to get injured during a brutal fight.

Yes, this game has an amazing gameplay. It is still in the developmental process, so you can expect some more features in the future. The developers have taken inspiration from other similar games, but this game offers a lot more than other games and therefore it is more entertaining than other post-apocalyptic games.

The graphics and sound

Although the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, the area in the in-game universe seems quite neat and clean. You must give credit to the developers for maintaining high-quality graphics. All the objects look clear and eye-catching because of the high-definition quality graphics used in the game. You can easily spot the zombies, plants, trees, objects and other characters. This game offers you high-quality graphics coupled with entertaining animations for top class enjoyment.

In addition to a high-quality graphics, the developers have also tried to keep things as real as possible. They have done it by using multiple sound effects and superb background music. You can clearly spot if someone is roaming around the protagonist by hearing the crawling or walking sounds. There are different sounds for different actions and those sounds work very well to improve the interest of the players.

Replay value

The story of the game is pretty simple. You are stuck in a post-apocalyptic world and now you can do anything to survive till the last breath of your life. It sounds entertaining because you will get some great opportunities of showing your survival tactics and crafting skills. It is sure that Kefir Games will bring some much advanced versions of this game in the future and you would certainly like to play and enjoy those upgraded versions.

Things you should do to survive longer in this game

Some may say it is an easy game, but there would be many hurdles in your way. Those hurdles will make survival more difficult than you could have imagined before playing this game. So, follow a few necessary tips to survive longer and enjoy the game.

Beware of zombies and other enemies

There will be a large army of the zombies and you will be the lone survivor against them. You can also meet some other survivors, but do not consider them your friends. Other survivors can anytime attack your protagonist and harm him badly. So, consider all other characters as your enemies. You will have to beware of zombies and kill them as soon as possible to get out of danger. It is okay if other survivors are not attacking you and your shelter. Be ready to fight with them, if they try to steal your objects.

Help other survivors in killing the zombies

Of course, teaming up with other survivors is not a feasible option in this game, but at least you can join them while they are killing the walking dead. You can turn this game into a free zombie shooter RPG if you follow this strategy. Thus, the chances of your survival would be greater and it will be an enjoyable action for the action game fans. You can walk on your way if all the zombies are gunned down.

Spend some time in crafting survival crafts

This game offers you a great opportunity to improve your survival craft skills. You can get all the required raw materials to prepare some deadly weapons. Those weapons will be used against the unkilled zombies and other invaders in the game. You will get some limited opportunities to kill the zombies, so you must have a good weapon to trigger the zombie extermination process.

Reach new worlds

The multiverse of this game is quite large. You can visit various amazing places in this game during the survival process. You can explore the abandoned military bases and other survivor’s camps to get some useful stuff like weapons, food, and several other things. You can get a large number of resources, but for that, you will have to gun down the zombies and other survivors.

Chat with other players online

The latest version of this game allows the Smartphone and tab users to communicate live with other players. It is an important feature, which players have needed for a long time and now it is available for you. Now you can chat with other clans, form a group, and survive longer against the zombies. You should groups with others only when you are sure that those players will not invade your camp and they won’t affect you.

Never starve

As you can evaluate now, your only main object in this game is surviving and delaying the death. The death of your protagonist will be possible only if he starve and get attacked by other characters or zombies in a starving condition. You should collect enough resources from the scrap so that your protagonist can remain energetic and active in the battle against zombies. You get nothing at the start, but soon you get the raw materials to prepare shelter, clothes, shoes, weapons, and several other things. You may need to invade other shelters for food and water. Do not hesitate and attack the enemy, whenever it is necessary for your survival.

Improve your survival tactics

It is a post-apocalyptic world and everything out there is trying to kill your protagonist. Only excellent survival skills can help you in surviving longer. There are wild animals, plague infection, thirst, hunger, and cold, which can kill your protagonist before the attack of the zombie army. Yes, it is similar to what you have seen in the zombie movies. You should always think about crafting some more deadly weapons and obtain more resources to form better survival tactics. It will help you in surviving longer.


All the game-play features, graphics, sounds, and other features make this game an entertaining one. You can download and play this game on your Android and iOS devices for free. The in-app purchase feature may frustrate you, but still, there will be many other things to do in the game. This game has high-quality graphics that make it one of the best games you can download and play on your smartphone today. So, get it now and follow the suggested tips to survive longer in the game.

last day on earth hack