Pokemon Platinum ROM for GBA and NDS

There were many series of Pokemon games in Generation IV. Amongst them, Pokemon Platinum is the 3rd game of the Diamond and Pearl Series. This game was released on 2008, 11th of March. Although some would like to say it was 15th of May when the game officially launched by Nintendo. In Japan, the game was made available in September and in America, it was 22nd of March, 2009. After that the same year Australia, Europe and Korea had the release in a space of few weeks. The location was pretty similar where you start the game. It was the Twinleaf town where you need to start and travel through Sinnoh as you progress in the game.

Plot of the game

The game starts with you watching a newscast about the Professor. He is returning to Sinnoh. At the very moment Barry, your friend runs in and you two start a journey to Route 201 so that you can get Pokemon from Professor Rowan. When you meet the professor, you get scolded by the professor and dawn or Lucas (his assistant). After that, you will be given a choice to choose your Pokemon from Piplup, tur twig or chimchar. After you choose your Pokemon, you set your journey to Sinnoh with a new pair of shoes from your mother and a new Pokedex from the professor. In your long journey, you will have to defeat the gym leaders, take on the Elite Four and eventually become the champion in the city of Sinnoh.

While in the game, you will face a lot of conflicts. The evil team and the leader Cyrus will cut close to your path and when the Sinnoh is under threat from Palkia and Dialga, Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie appear and Giratina eventually drags Cyrus into the World of Distortion. After you face Cyrus, you will also need to battle against the Giratina as well.

After you conquer the Elite four, your quest does not end there. You will need to pursue a few more activities as well. You can catch the Pokemon which were previously not available, get the poke radar, explore new areas like survival, fight and battle towers. In the survival zone, your task will be to help Looker so that he can end the Galactic team.


Wi-Fi area is upgraded to the Wi-Fi Plaza and it can accommodate maximum 20 people. This new area is all about mini-games. You can play Wobbuffet Pop where you can hit the Wobbuffet, Mime Jr. where you can balance Mime Jr. on the top of a ball, Swalot Plop where you can throw berries towards Swalot machine.

In Pokemon Platinum, you get a new item, the Recorder. You get it from Looker and you can use it to record battles and share them with other players. You can also take screenshots of your PC boxes and if you intend, you can share them with your fellow players.

The trading system has improved a lot with the email notification system. With every trading completed, you get a notification. You can view your emails from PC, Wii system or mobile phones, whichever you prefer.

Unlike the Japanese version, the other versions did not have the option to use any system other than Wii. So, in case you do not have the Japanese version, you can only rely on the Wii to receive the messages and read them.

The starters of Sinnoh and the evolutions, both are allowed in the expanded Amity square that will let you have 20 Pokemon in the square that is permissible maximum.

Players playing on a local wireless can use a new and interesting feature too. It is known as the Spin trade. In this trading, you and your friend can choose to put eggs and swap them at random. If you get an Egg that has landed on a Bonus Area, you will get berries too.

Defog was once located in the Great Marsh, but now it is located in the Ruins of Solaceon.

The players used to get strength from Lost Tower, but now it is the Iron island instead from which you get the strength.

You do not need to use the strength in order to access the Hidden Area of Wayward caves.

You can now challenge trainers at certain centers. They are located at the front of Pokemon center’s desk and they can change location daily.

During the battle against a trainer, when you are trying to change your Pokemon, there was a message that would pop up, since this game, the message was changed and till today the same format has been kept in the rest of the series and the other Pokemon games that have followed.

If you visit the Survival area and Route 212, in the city of Snowpoint, you can have3 all new Move tutors waiting for you along with the tutors that were there at the start of Diamond and Pearl version.

The hypnosis power has been lowered to 60 again in Pokemon Platinum version.

If you compare with the Pearl and Diamond version, this game has got a lot faster during the battles and surfing. Even though the battle speed has increased, the game speed has decreased compared to the Generation III. It remains at 30FPS in the Pokemon Platinum.

Using Wi-Fi connectivity you can make Poffins with the other players.

If you want to know the hidden power of your Pokemon, you need to ask a man who resides in Veilstone Game Corner’s Prize Exchange House. If you want to know the value of your Pokemon, it is the man from the battle tower who can help you.

If you are looking for accessories from Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop residing in the Floaroma Town, you will see the price has been comparatively reduced.

In the European version of Pokemon Platinum, you can not play the slot machines. The slot machines are replaced by the game machines. With a bit of interactivity, you can win coins easily.

The bicycle riding to the gatehouses are on unlike the Pearl and Diamond versions.

If you are underground and want to use your radar, it will take 2 secs before you can use it the next time. Whereas in the Pearl and Diamond version, it took only 1 sec.

You can find the Adamant and Lustrous orbs on Spear Pillars anymore. Instead, you will now need to look in the caves. It does not matter how you get to it, but you will have to find the items in order to fight Palkia and Dialga and face Giratina as well.

In case you missed a Mythical Pokemon earlier, once you defeat the Elite 4, you will have a second chance to capture it as it will reappear.

It does not matter whoever you face as your opponent, the level of the Pokemon’s are increased noticeably in the game. Like in the Peral and Diamond the starting level of Barry’s Pokemon was 28 whereas in the Pokemon Platinum it is 36. Although the players do have this advantage, the Elite 4 loses four of their Pokemon levels when they face off with the players for the first time in the game.

In some locations like Route 227 or Stark Mountain, you can find unevolved Pokemon with the levels nearly the same as the other Pokemon in the same area. In the earlier version, it was not anything like it.


In the Pokemon Platinum, the heat rises in the game, but the temperature decrease in the city of Sinnoh. Hence, Barry, Dawan, and Lucas get their new outfits for cold weather.

You will have wallpapers in your room and the houses are really well decorated.

The template of the HP, Pokemon name and Level has changed from white to gray and the shapes are not the same as the other versions.

In the Pokemon Platinum, you get an all-new Poketch. You can now choose to go up and down through the list of the apps.

The moves have also been redesigned a lot. And the animations have changed to match the quality of the game.

When you send your Pokemon out of your poke ball to fight, the back sprites will animate like the front one.

The front sprites for the Pokemon in the Sinnoh and the 4th Generation Pokemon have changed a lot too. Some of the Pokemon like Meowth which did not belong to Sinnoh Pokedex also had to go through the changes. When you prepare your Pokemon for the super contest the Pearl and Diamond sprites remains the same.

While battling trainers in the gyms, like the leaders, Barry or Frontier Brains, the trainer sprites will now animate much like the Pokemon sprites.

You can now use Seals while you are sending out Pokemon.

The interior of the Hearthome, Veilstone and Eterna gyms has been changed completely to match the high definition.

Just before the battle, there used to be a Gym Leader closeup, but now it is set to have enlarged sprites with the high-quality drawings.  The Frontier Brains and Elite 4 have this same features as well, but the animation keeps the Elite 4 on the right-hand side and the player on the left-hand side.

The place where you battle the Elite 4 has changed a lot. Aaron has a new design with foliage and logs in the room. Bertha’s room has rocks included and Flint has lava pits in the room. The room of Lucian had little changes with the orbs included on the room floor. The room of Cynthia has gone through color changes. The Pokemon center has been redesigned too.

Whenever you are entering a new area, the notification used to be on the top-left corner, but it has been redesigned to their old version of Pokemon Emerald and Sapphire and Ruby.

The specialty of the Gyms has been changed to Pokemon only.

Whenever you are entering a Wi-Fi zone you can see the Pachirisu and Pikachu featuring.

The Pal Pad has an all-new design as well.

The Diploma and director at the Grand Lake Hotel have a sprite over his head.

While you are in the Distortion world and about to fight the Giratina, the notification display has been changed as well.

The trees had rounded top and branches in the Pearl and Diamond but in Pokemon Platinum, they are much sharper and pointed. Also, the trees have gotten a bit darker in color as well. The Eastern part of Sinnoh has got darker trees than the western part, where the trees are rounder than the previous version. The battle zone trees are altogether different from trees in every way.

You get an all-new battle menu with the Pokemon Platinum version.


At the beginning, while you are on the title screen, if you press An or Start, you can hear the Giratina crying. But in the Pearl and Diamond version, it was only a part of the title track. Since the Pokemon Platinum, this trait has been carried on for the next version of the Pokemon.

The theme for the mystery gift has been changed significantly and now you have a new theme sound included in the game.

Enjoy the game while you can

Well, as you can see, Pokemon Platinum is a game with a lot of changes. Even though this is a series of the Generation IV Pokemon games, but still it comes with different graphical aspects and sounds included. With the intensity of battle and the story increasing at the every curve of the game, it is a whole new challenge for every player that plays the game for the first time. The story is long enough to keep you engaged in the game. With the skillful battle techniques, new battle options and all new gear, you must be ready to face the odds in a situation where everything is going to go south on you. But your job is to keep it together, try a bit harder and move forward so that eventually you can conquer the Elite 4 and win over the city of Sinnoh.